Translation of the reviews for the crime novel, Eyes without a face – Ögon utan ansikte

Review from @erikasbokhylla
One of my favourite genres is crime fiction. I just love it when I as a reader myself actively get to search for clues that eventually lead to the solution.
Moreover, when there is an interesting parallel story alongside the murder investigation itself, I tend to have difficulty putting the book down, which was also the case with Eyes without a face.

Eyes without a face have everything that I as a reader love – excitement, exciting main characters, brutal murders, and a parallel story that touches me as a reader. The debut author Vicky Larsson has managed to create suspense from page one to the last. This book is a real page-turner. The author is clever at narrating places and the persons in a vivid way. I almost feel like I’m part of the story myself.
I like that you get to know the two main characters on a personal level: Kea Langelund Raun who is part of the team that will solve the murder cases. Fredrik Dahl – Swedish crime scene detective who is on sick leave due to a gunshot wound and is on holiday in Blavand when he ends up in the middle of the murder investigation. Vicky Larsson drops clues throughout the story. Together, the different pieces of the puzzle form a ready-made puzzle.
Some of the pieces you can figure out yourself, other pieces you have no idea until they are laid. As a reader, it’s incredibly exciting to be a part of putting the puzzle and seeing as it emerges.
What gives “Eyes Without a Face” extra suspense in the crime fiction genre is that there are many twists and turns in the plot and that you get small glimpses from the killer’s perspective.
For all of you who like crime fiction, I recommend Vicky Larsson’s “Eyes Without a Face”.
Rating 5/5

Review from book blogger Marias Bokhylla
Eyes without a face is a captivating debut crime novel from Vicky Larsson, who lets us follow two crime scene investigators through brutal murder investigations as well as understanding their personal problems.

Kea Langelund Raun is part of the team that will collect evidence in order to solve the murder cases that took place in the Danish coastal town Blåvand. Fredrik Dahl, Swedish crime scene investigator and interpreter who is on sick leave due to gunshot injuries has travelled to Blåvand to escape his personal problems and get some rest.
In addition, we follow Ziggy, who seems to be suffering from insanity and believe he is the only one who can save the world from its problems.

I enjoy the plot. To be able to follow the villain’s thoughts and actions, in short glimpses makes it easier for me as a reader to play detective and I feel more involved with the team, like that I have something to contribute. Larsson has a fantastic ability when it comes to describing the characters and give them personalities without it being too detailed, and I like that everything is not black and white. In Eyes without a face, there is an infinitely large amount of grayscale. I love that Kea and Fredrik are not goodie-two-shoes and perfect, that we can follow them in this part of the greyscale when they try to gain control of their own lives.

The characters are not too many to keep track of, it is the Danish police team, Fredrik and his family, as well as owners, staff and some guests at the hotel where Fredrik stays, and some people who are so diverse and have such different names that it is easy for me to keep them apart. It feels as if no one is unnecessary there for no reason. There are a few more, which are there in the periphery and add spice to the story, which is also fun.

It’s a lot of twists and turns in Eyes without a face, and some I can figure out in advance, and it makes me feel incredibly smart, and when I finally understand how everything is connected, I am so happy I almost jump up and down, just because I think it’s so neat and smart. At the same time, there are a lot of things I couldn’t figure out in advance, and it also makes me happy. I feel smart while being surprised. This is good stuff and just how I want it. Linguistically, the book fits well with the genre and is fluent and easy to read.
Rating: 4.5/5
Maria’s Bookshelf

Review from a happy reader:
Vicky, the book, Ögon utan ansikte, arrived today and I started to read immediately and I could not put it down. The same sensation when I read another Larsson’s three books written by Stieg. I’d like to point out that you write well!
Bo in Portugal.

I finished the book on Saturday. As said earlier, the book is well written and it’s hard to put it down. Congratulations, Vicky.